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 Usefull bindings

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PostSubject: Usefull bindings   Usefull bindings EmptyTue Nov 01, 2011 4:22 am

Here some examples to make binds…
Some ppl. didnt know how to do…and some ppl. just forget how to!

My Bind for Jump Maps to say my Location with 1 Button "pressing letter i":
/bind i say $location

Binding Names with your Arrows for example:
/bind UPARROW "name [Apple]KAS"
/bind DOWNARROW "name SaianSupa"

Radio binds for example:
/bind 9 "ut_radio 6 6 Hello everybody!!!"
Pressing letter 9 player say "Hi" and text is "Hello everybody!!!"

Standart Radio thingy...
(ut_radio 6 6) - High
(ut_radio 5 1) - Enemy Spotted
(ut_radio 9 2) - Nice One
(ut_radio 9 1) - Good Job Team

….i think u know how it works now!!!

any questions…? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Usefull bindings   Usefull bindings EmptySun Mar 11, 2012 7:17 am

/bind x ut_itemdrop kevlar

/bind x ut_itemdrop flag
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Usefull bindings Empty
PostSubject: Re: Usefull bindings   Usefull bindings EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 9:36 am

/bind x ut_itemnext

/bind x ut_itemuse

Good on use of TacGoogles
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PostSubject: Scripts   Usefull bindings EmptySun May 27, 2012 5:23 am

Yeye.. Now look:

I will use buttons F1 and F2. Change them everywhere you will see with your buttons.
Everything in autoexec.cfg

Name changer with 1 button:


//name bind.

set n1 "set name Laggi ; bind F1 vstr n2"
set n2 "set name Faggi ; bind F1 vstr n1"
bind F1 vstr n1

//more then 2 names example
set n1 "set name Laggi ; bind F1 vstr n2"
set n2 "set name Faggi ; bind F1 vstr n3"
set n3 "set name Daggi ; bind F1 vstr n4"
set n4 "set name Baggi ; bind F1 vstr n1"
bind F1 vstr n1

Team changer with 1 button (between spec and game):


set spectate "team s ; ut_echo ^3SPECTATE MODE ; bind F1 vstr play"
set play "team free ; ut_echo ^3PLAY MODE ; bind F1 vstr spectate"
bind F1 vstr spectate

Sound Volume up and down


//volume switcher
seta vol1  "s_volume 0;  ut_echo ^2VOLUME 0  ;  set volume_up vstr vol2;  set volume_down vstr vol18"
seta vol2  "s_volume .05;ut_echo ^2VOLUME .05 ;  set volume_up vstr vol3;  set volume_down vstr vol1"
seta vol3  "s_volume .1; ut_echo ^2VOLUME 1 ; set volume_up vstr vol4;  set volume_down vstr vol2"
seta vol4  "s_volume .2; ut_echo ^2VOLUME 2 ;  set volume_up vstr vol5;  set volume_down vstr vol3"
seta vol5  "s_volume .3; ut_echo ^2VOLUME 3 ; set volume_up vstr vol6;  set volume_down vstr vol4"
seta vol6  "s_volume .4; ut_echo ^2VOLUME 4 ;  set volume_up vstr vol7;  set volume_down vstr vol5"
seta vol7  "s_volume .45;ut_echo ^2VOLUME 4.5 ; set volume_up vstr vol8;  set volume_down vstr vol6"
seta vol8  "s_volume .5; ut_echo ^2VOLUME 5 ;  set volume_up vstr vol9;  set volume_down vstr vol7"
seta vol9  "s_volume .55;ut_echo ^2VOLUME 5.5 ; set volume_up vstr vol10; set volume_down vstr vol8"
seta vol10 "s_volume .6; ut_echo ^2VOLUME 6 ;  set volume_up vstr vol11; set volume_down vstr vol9"
seta vol11 "s_volume .65;ut_echo ^2VOLUME 6.5 ; set volume_up vstr vol12; set volume_down vstr vol10"
seta vol12 "s_volume .7; ut_echo ^2VOLUME 7  ;  set volume_up vstr vol13; set volume_down vstr vol11"
seta vol13 "s_volume .75;ut_echo ^2VOLUME 7.5 ; set volume_up vstr vol14; set volume_down vstr vol12"
seta vol14 "s_volume .8; ut_echo ^2VOLUME 8  ;  set volume_up vstr vol15; set volume_down vstr vol13"
seta vol15 "s_volume .85;ut_echo ^2VOLUME 8.5 ; set volume_up vstr vol16; set volume_down vstr vol14"
seta vol16 "s_volume .9; ut_echo ^2VOLUME 9  ;  set volume_up vstr vol17; set volume_down vstr vol15"
seta vol17 "s_volume .95;ut_echo ^2VOLUME 9.5 ;  set volume_up vstr vol18; set volume_down vstr vol16"
seta vol18 "s_volume 1;  ut_echo ^2VOLUME 10  ; set volume_up vstr vol1;  set volume_down vstr vol17"
set volume_up vstr vol1

// Bind them!
bind F1 "vstr volume_up"
bind F2 "vstr volume_down"

TIP: This is for s_volume. If you want to make the same for Music Volume then you have to change it to: s_musicvolume

1 connect button with MULTIPLE servers!
Press F2 to choose between servers. Press F1 to connect to choosen server.

(all apple servers and my own)


set con1 "say "connect"
set con2 "say "connect"
set con3 "say "connect"
set con4 "say "connect"
set con5 "say "connect"
set con6 "say "connect laggi.tk"

set swc1 "ut_echo Apple Snip|Pist|Nade - ^3PRESS F1 ; bind F1 vstr con1 ; bind F2 vstr swc2"
set swc2 "ut_echo Apple Jump Server - ^3PRESS F1 ; bind F1 vstr con2 ; bind F2 vstr swc3"
set swc3 "ut_echo Apple FUN - ^3PRESS F1 ; bind F1 vstr con3 ; bind F2 vstr swc4"
set swc4 "ut_echo Apple SR8 ONLY - ^3PRESS F1 ; bind F1 vstr con4 ; bind F2 vstr swc5"
set swc5 "ut_echo Apple Gungame - ^3PRESS F1 ; bind F1 vstr con5 ; bind F2 vstr swc6"
set swc6 "ut_echo Laggi's Test server - ^3PRESS F1 ; bind F1 vstr con6 ; bind F2 vstr swc1"

bind F2 vstr swc1

If you want to say bye before disconnect, change every line like in example:

set con1 "connect"

set con1 "say "Bye bye all!" ; wait 500 ;connect"

If you want to connect with rcon password and/or private slots pass:

set con1 "connect ; password bla ; rconpassword bla"

Quit with "bb"

set bb "say "Bye bye all!" ; wait 500 ; quit"
bind F1 vstr bb
//500 is the pause between msg and quit
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PostSubject: Re: Usefull bindings   Usefull bindings EmptySun Jul 07, 2013 8:37 am

I really don't know what the heck I stumbled into, I actually just wanted to say Hi. I seem to be unable to find a Topic where you do that, so here is the possibility for me to write, I'll take it. I am currently in a clan ([SnP]) but I'd still like to communicate with you guys also since I play on your servers sometimes Smile

So this is my Hello to you Apple people out there.
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PostSubject: Re: Usefull bindings   Usefull bindings Empty

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Usefull bindings
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