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 About Apple Server Membership "read first before apply"

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PostSubject: About Apple Server Membership "read first before apply"   Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:02 pm

Okay…first of all…i am KAS, the owner of the Apple Servers!!!
For myself…i don't like to be in a Clan…bcz of that, this is the….

"Apple Membership"

We are an Urban Terror Community!!!
So if you want to be a Member of Apple….you have to read and accept some rules.

1. Use the [Apple] Tag on Apple Servers

2. Be Active on Servers and Forums

3. Every Apple Member starts after a short time with lvl. 20 rights for B3 and get the private slot PW

- to become more Admin rights, depends how "ACTIVE" you are on Servers and Forums

4. Cheating is a NoGo!!! (every cheater get banned forever)

5. Members are allowed to be in any Clans…but they have to use only the Apple TAG on Apple Servers

6. Fake Nicks are not allowed with Apple TAG….just your registered name witch is noted on Website

7. For Admin abuse…your rights for the Server disappear…and maybe you get kicked out of Apple

Most important: We are playing to have FUN…don't fight ingame and don't use bad words to other Players
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About Apple Server Membership "read first before apply"
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