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 Map Lightning without light Entities

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PostSubject: Map Lightning without light Entities   Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:20 pm

To make some light in your Map, without using this simple light entities, you need 2 Textures.

1. Lamp Texture

2. Lamp_blend Texture

If you using this Shader for your light….you find the light Texture in your "lights" folder calling "Big_light"
You can change the intensity of your light if you change "q3map_surfacelight"
After changing that, you have to compile your Map again to see the difference.

Quote :

qer_editorimage textures/lights/Lamp.tga //<- make your own path
q3map_surfacelight 8500
map $lightmap
rgbGen identity
map textures/lights/Lamp.tga //<- make your own path
//blendFunc blend
rgbGen identity
map textures/lights/Lamp_blend.tga //<- make your own path
blendfunc GL_ONE GL_ONE
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Map Lightning without light Entities
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