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 Hey can i join Apple?

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PostSubject: Hey can i join Apple?   Mon May 19, 2014 4:11 am

- How Old are you?-I'm currently 14 however very mature for my age.

- Your Ingame Name-My ingame name is Simpson

- Where you from and how good is your English?-I'm from the UK and English is my main language.

- How Active you are in Playing Urt- i do not play UrT, i got to know you over arma 2 DayZ which i play every day for about 2 hours at least.

- Describe your Skill Level-I belive im a very well skilled player in DayZ and make all the tactical calls when needed.

- Some words about yourself...- Well im a fun and funny guy, i tend to make people laugh when i get comfortable with them, really easy to get along with.
 Very Happy 
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PostSubject: Re: Hey can i join Apple?   Mon May 19, 2014 10:39 am

Hello mr Simpson and Welcome to our Forums Wink

This forum here was made for the Game "Urban Terror" and is kinda inactive atm.
Warsheep is working on a Homepage for our Epoch Server....

So....u will not find any Information on this forum for DayZ Epoch Wink
Maybe we makin an area here for dayz, maybe not....!?!

regards KAS
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Hey can i join Apple?
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