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 Making a Camera + Texture & Shader

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PostSubject: Making a Camera + Texture & Shader   Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:29 pm

Make a Brush for your Monitor of your Camera and put the Camera Texture in front of it.
Now make a misc_portal_surface and put in front of your Monitor.
The distance should be not more than 64 units.
Next we need a misc_portal_camera and a info_notnull.
place it like this…

1. misc_portal_surface
2. misc_portal_camera
3. info_notnull

Now connect these 3 Entities.
First select no.1. misc_portal_surface and then no.2. misc_portal_camera and press Strg & K
Deselect….press ESC
Now select no.2. misc_portal_camera and then no.3. info_notnull and press Strg & K

Object 1 projected the camera picture to your Monitor
Object 2 is the place like a Camera is looking from
Object 3 is the place where the Camera is looking at

Point 2 is looking at Point 3 and displays it at Point 1.

Camera Texture Download: --->Download here<---

Camera Shader:
Quote :

textures/CameraFolder/camera //<--Modify your Path
qer_editorimage textures/CameraFolder/camera.tga //<--Modify your Path
surfaceparm playerclip
surfaceparm nolightmap
tcMod turb 0 0.25 0 0.05
map textures/CameraFolder/camera.tga //<--Modify your Path
alphaGen portal 2048
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Making a Camera + Texture & Shader
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