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 Deathrun Cup 2012

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PostSubject: Deathrun Cup 2012   Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:40 am

Hello Ladies and Gents…

This is the first Deathrun Cup ever i think….or not…? whatever!
We want to make this Tournament with you Guys and want to release at the same Time Apple's new Deathrun Map!!!!
So…nobody have played this Map before….that means, you Guys will play that Map first on our Deathrun CUP!!!!

Some Words how to handle that Situation…
If you guys have played your Match…you have the Map downloaded.
Please dont give it to anyone until the Cup is Finished.
It was a lot of work to make this MAP….so just do me that favor and wait to share this Map for other SERVERS!!!
Thank you!!!

Okay….about the Cup rules.

- Make a NEW Topic and register your Team.
- Clan or not doesn't matter…
- Every Team must have 4 Players.
- Gametype TeamDeathmatch
- 1 Map "Apple_Deathrun"
- 2 Rounds (1 red side / 1 blue side)
- Roundtime 15 min.

Post the Name of your Team and the Names of your Team Members in a new Topic.
Start for the Cup is the fourth of March.
The Teams can communicate for Matches over this Forums.

PS: Don't forget to make Screenshot of every ending Round...and please save your DEMOS Smile

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Deathrun Cup 2012
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